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  • Changing the process name of python script in windows

    You have created several python scripts and running them simultaneously. You decide you want to kill first script you run. As always, you open `Windows Task Manager` but then you see several `python.exe` processes. Which one is the script you want to kill? You do not have clue. If you you recognize this situation – The following script I wrote allows to overcome this issue and change name of python processes to unique one. read more
  • Linkbacks

    Writing posts, maintaining and publishing blogs with [Jekyll]( is a breeze. Unfortunately, as static site you lose two main features of blog culture, comments and linkbacks. read more
  • Clone online site apache

    Sometimes, it is useful to replicate online site in a local machine for development purposes. In this article , we will see how to configure apache to serve clones of online sites. read more
  • Fast image processing in c#

    While the Bitmap provide GetPixel and SetPixel for accessing individual pixels in the bitmap - It is too slow and therefore it not suitable to image processing. The following `FastBitmap` class allows us to fast access the raw memory of bitmap data via pointers. read more
  • Download Files with fileloader

    The `fileloader` allows to access local files and remote files – files which are accessible thought HTTP and FTP protocols – in uniform way. The files can be cached locally. read more
  • Solution to producer and consumer problem in python

    In my last project, I needed synchronize producer and consumers threads. The producer thread was responsible to generate the tasks while the consumer threads were responsible to execute them. This classic producer and consumer problem can be easily solved using the Queue module. read more
  • Code Review by Example - The singleton pattern

    Code review is continuous process of reading and examination of code in order improve quality of the software. In code review phase the author of the code or the peer reviewers try to find mistakes, bugs and issues overlooked in the previous development phase. In this article we will see how code review can improve the quality of the code by simple example - implementing the singleton pattern. read more
  • Singleton in c#

    In my recent work interviews, I have been asked several times to implement the singleton pattern in c#. In this article I will try to guess what the interviewers wanted to hear ... read more