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  • Log exception in python

    When exceptions happens, you may find it useful to log the exception and its stack trace for further investigation. In this article, you will learn how to retrieve the current exception and its properties – its type and its stack trace. read more
  • Mimic reference parameters in python

    In my recent project, I needed to migrate c# code which uses reference parameters. Unfortunately, python does not support reference parameters - In this article we will see how can we mimic their semantics in python. read more
  • Investigate crashes: c stack trace and dumps

    Lay the groundwork for investigating crashes in windows platform - Learn how to generate c stack trace and dump files when errors occurred. With those files at hand , you can easily find the reason why the application crashes. read more
  • Display Time Progress with TimeProgressBar

    The TimeProgressBar allows you to display the progress of a task which its running time is known. read more
  • Select multiple enum values with EnumFlagsSelector

    In my previous article [Select enum value with EnumSelector](/a/enum-selector/) I have discussed how to use the custom control `EnumSelector` to select one enum value from all possible values of enum. read more
  • Select enum value with EnumSelector

    EnumSelector is a control that allows to select one value from all possible values of enum type. This control simplify the creation of user interfaces which are based on enum types. read more