• Fast image processing in c#

    While the Bitmap provide GetPixel and SetPixel for accessing individual pixels in the bitmap - It is too slow and therefore it not suitable to image processing. The following `FastBitmap` class allows us to fast access the raw memory of bitmap data via pointers. read more
  • Code Review by Example - The singleton pattern

    Code review is continuous process of reading and examination of code in order improve quality of the software. In code review phase the author of the code or the peer reviewers try to find mistakes, bugs and issues overlooked in the previous development phase. In this article we will see how code review can improve the quality of the code by simple example - implementing the singleton pattern. read more
  • Singleton in c#

    In my recent work interviews, I have been asked several times to implement the singleton pattern in c#. In this article I will try to guess what the interviewers wanted to hear ... read more
  • Display Time Progress with TimeProgressBar

    The TimeProgressBar allows you to display the progress of a task which its running time is known. read more
  • Select multiple enum values with EnumFlagsSelector

    In my previous article [Select enum value with EnumSelector](/a/enum-selector/) I have discussed how to use the custom control `EnumSelector` to select one enum value from all possible values of enum. read more
  • Select enum value with EnumSelector

    EnumSelector is a control that allows to select one value from all possible values of enum type. This control simplify the creation of user interfaces which are based on enum types. read more