How to Add Adaptable Super User

The root user has the power to do anything in your newly installed Linux system. The heightened security privileges of the root account allow you to accomplish the system maintenance tasks. However, You should be careful with this great power - as uncle Ben said to Peter Parker (Spider-Man):

With great power comes great responsibility

You can easily and unintentionally destroy your system. Therefore it is not recommended to use root account on a regular basis.

In this tutorial, we will see how we can create a new account for using it on a regular basis. The new user will have lowered security privileges and therefore will be able to harm the system. We will also see how can we clone the login credentials from the root account.

However, There are times and programs when root security privilege is needed. Instead of login as root, to run those commands. We will allow this user to gain increased privileges and see how he can run the programs with the security privileges of the root account.