If you like me, a business owner or a marketer, you probably know that it is difficult to attract and engage new users. It is even harder to convert them to a paying customers. You may find yourself investing too much time and large budget in vain. If you are disappointment from the results and small amount of conversions or you think that invested resources, time and money does not worth it – it is time to try using a marketing video.

Using video in your marketing campaigns can increase your conversions by 200% and more. However, making a video is not an easy and can be challenging and demanding task. If you already made a video before, you already know that creating impressive and converting video requires you to invest time and money.

The veedybox platform allows you to easily and quickly create converting and good looking videos in simple and affordable way. In just a 10 minutes you can have a video. The tool is easy to use and simple.

It contains huge and tailor made templates for various industries and niches. The templates was designed to help you increase your conversions. Each template supports high converting scripts, original images, videos, sound and music.

Everything in the movie is customizable – You can change the text, fonts, colors, images, videos, music and sound according to your particular needs. When you are ready you can export the video which you can share with the world in social media networks, embed in your website or email or send it as link any messaging platform.

With veedybox platform you can easily see how well the video you created, performs. You can see how many users watch it, the play rate and the watch duration in seconds.

Create beautiful, professional videos in less than 15 minutes-for free. Try veedybox