Linkbacks and Website Communication - part 4


In Pingback, the linking site is responsible to inform the linked site about the linking document.

When a new document is added or exising document is updated, the linking site should extracts all the links in the document. For each link it finds in document, the linking site should find the pingback URL and send notification request to the linked site about the linking document.

The linking site request

The linking site should send XML-RPC request to pingback URL which call the method with the following parameters:

  • sourceURI - The URL of the linking document
  • targetURI - The URL of the linked document

The linking site response

The linked site should process XML-RPC request and response as in described in spec

The pingback URL autodiscovery

There are 2 ways the linked site announce about its interest in pingback notification for a document:

  • Add X-Pingback HTTP Header to document response with the value of pingback URL
  • Pingback - HTTP Header
     HTTP/1.1 200 OK
     X-Pingback: <document pingback URL>
  • Embed the pingback URL in the header of the document
    Pingback - link tagr
     <link href="<document pingback URL>" rel="pingback">

The linking site should download the linked document and extract pingback URL.