Changing the process name of python script in windows

You have created several python scripts and running them simultaneously. You decide you want to kill first script you run. As always, you open Windows Task Manager but then you see several python.exe processes. Which one is the script you want to kill? You do not have clue. If you you recognize this situation – The following script I wrote allows to overcome this issue and change name of python processes to unique one.

Clone online site apache

Sometimes, it is useful to replicate online site in a local machine for development purposes. In this article , we will see how to configure apache to serve clones of online sites.

Fast image processing in c#

While the Bitmap provide GetPixel and SetPixel for accessing individual pixels in the bitmap - It is too slow and therefore it not suitable to image processing. The following FastBitmap class allows us to fast access the raw memory of bitmap data via pointers.