Configure Jenkins Email Notification

Jenkins can notify us about the status of each build via email. In this tutorial, we will test whether Jenkins Email Notification works and see how can we configure it.

Testing Email Notification

To check whether the Jenkins can send emails successfully, follow those steps:

First, we need to set the admin user who send us the emails and its email address. Go to to Manage Jenkins > Configure System. In the Configure System | Jenkins Location fill System Admin e-mail address. The format should be name - for example Jenkins Daemon .

In this tutorial, we will set it to Jenkins .

Now, Go to Manage Jenkins > Configure System. In the Configure System | E-mail Notification

  • Check Test configuration by sending test e-mail checkbox
  • A Test e-mail recipient text box should appear.
  • Insert an email address to an account you can access.
  • Press Test Configuration.

Email was successfully sent appears, You should also check that you have received the email:

  • Login your the email account you specified above
  • Check if you have an email from admin you specified above in your inbox. (or your spam folder). The title of email should be something like 'Test email #1':

If you find this email , Jenkins was sent emails successfully. Otherwise, see in the next part to how to configure your SMTP server